16 June 2010

day tripper

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 photographed by the lovely Hannah Bacalla
modeled by the sexy Chai Martinez
MUA by the eternal Lyle Littebuck
and styling by Gillian Uang (yours truly)

I think we make a great team, don't you think?

Hannah and I have been planning this shoot for almost a month or so,and I'm glad it all worked out!  Chai makes an excellent model! GREAT FEATURES! Her body looks good on anything and with her pretty face to finish the whole look! Lyle, famously known as Tyra, has done my makeup for most of the fashion shows I attended in the past so when Hannah asked me who was good for MUA, Tyra instantly came to mind with no hesitation!
Almost had to cancel this shoot since the weather wasn't with us at first, luckily it changed course!And to think I haven't visited the location for almost 2-3 years? Thank God for maintenance!

Thank you Guys!

enjoy the latest installment! :)



  1. everything's very beautiful and in the trend. ;)))

  2. the shoot is really natural..and the styling is sooo chic! love it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. awwww <3 im so proud of you guys! chai chai, you look so good :)) yan yan, ses! superb! <3

  4. nice blog and pictures gillian :) keep it up! one thing though, almost sold na dayun your batch 3 :(
    oh well.
    - christa
    P.S. hope you can drop by my blog too. tc!

  5. @gizelle: the location was just planned a day before the shoot! and thanks for the compliment, I hope I was able to nail Hannah's concept :)

    @khym:thanks khym! this was one of those shoots where felt everything was perfect! down to every detail :)

    @christa:I hope you got my text :( Tried texting everyone before I uploaded teehee :) Just followed your blog ! will put you up in my blog roll asap! :)

  6. styling is really a talent and a passion ;) and you have those two yan :) keep it up!

  7. thanks so much kim! i didn't know you had a blog! just placed you in my blog roll love <3

  8. lovely photos! and the outifts are nice!


  9. thanks bench! The clothes are from my online store Detail bydetails. Glad you like em :)

  10. I really love the pictures from the shoot!!! :)


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