19 August 2010

four down! ONE more to go!!!!

Photographed by Lea Ann


Reunited once again with my awesome Photog Lea Ann.
I've noticed that Lea doesn't usually have shoots
with a lot of color about it. So I suggested we do a colorful one 
something new for the both of us and with a technicolor lead
I decided to wear something bright as well!
 --not that bright then, since I'm not allowed to wear happy colors yet.

With my one and only assistant, Germaine (my sister), who pretty much begged me to come to this shoot since she and Lea are good friends.

Olga, a good friend who always manages to make anything fun, modeled for the day! She looked good on everything I mix and matched that day. A true quality of a great model.

Another old friend decided to join our shoot that day, Paoie.
He told me he was pretty bored so he decided to tag along with us and watch.
Check out his shoes, he went all the way to  Carcar to get them,
they can totally pass off as Espadrilles!
Too bad he wasn't able to hang with us after since he had "family duties" to attend to.

So that's everyone! Lea, Germaine, Me, Olga and Paoie.

Let's not forget Jasper you guys, Lea's number one fan! JOKE! haha
He's Lea's assistant which she constantly bullies to entertain everyone. HAHA 
again another joke. Thank you Jasper for being a great assistant! :)

Since my third photog (Armand) had to leave and needed more time to edit his photos
I asked lea to do the honors and release her batch earlier! So, next week  I am very excited to release lea's photos! Hope you like them :)


  1. cute shorts! where'd you get them?

  2. the best stand by viewer says hi to the best stylist. hahahahaha. hi yan! can i steal that picture? heeheehee :)

  3. @mitch: thanks! got it at SM kid's department! amazing huh? :D

    @paoie: wow! best stylist! hahahahahahha sure thing pao! you can check lea's blog :) i think she has more.. leagoeson.tumblr.com :)

  4. you are adorable gillian! I don't what it is about you but I enjoy how you carry your clothes!


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