09 August 2010

Two down! Three more to go!

Photographed by Paolo Manalac


Finally had my second shoot for
with Paolo Manalac last Saturday!

I decided to dress down for the shoot since I knew the location was pretty rugged and crazy. I was right! The place totally blew me away! Was wearing a hat the whole time cause I thought It might rain and I might end up putting up with rain while styling! Just so you know, it didn't rain... but at least, the hat looked cute! 

I invited Ed to our shoot since he, Sarah (our model) and I were pretty good friends!
Thankfully, he was able to tag a long because I'd totally be lost in all the make up things involved.
The shoot Paolo wanted was inspired by the Preview cover shoot of June '08. 
Paolo has the best kind of concepts. His point of view has always been very interesting!
I tried my best to do the closest styling replica of the feel Paolo wanted. 
I hope I did it justice!

In between our shoot we got ourselves a mascot! hahaha

Don't you think Sarah is crazy beautiful? I do! 
The best thing about her is, she's always game with anything, even if it was pretty clear
she was struggling towards the end of the shoot because of the thousands MILLIONS of bugs flying
around the area. Thank you Sarah Alforque

and a BIG thank you to my DAD!
He with us the whole time we did the shoot!
He even brought us all snacks!!!
greatest DAD everrrrrrr

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Finally got twitter you guys!
After a long debate and a hundred people doing
sales talk on how important it is, I finally get it!

It's under my "accounts" tab in the site! 
Feel free to visit anytime!

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  1. Ngaw, I bet if I did a shoot in Cebu, my dad would be all: "Why do you have to have a shoot now?"

    T__T Le fail.

  2. Hahaha! I think I'M just lucky cause my dad's an Advertising graduate so this is totally his thing! :)

  3. Hi Yan! I've started blogging again haha. Link me, plsss :) I've linked you in mine already haha.

  4. Your Dad is sooo cool. :) And wow you've really gone all out for your store's shoot!:) Love it. btw, where did oyu buy your hat? so cute:)


  5. @paoie: sure thing! See ypu tomorrow!

    @aisa: i know!!!! I love him! I got my fedora in SM department store :) super cheap!!!! I think it's jusy 199 pesos :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Waah! Sorry typo. :)) Anyway, naa pa mu mascot~! Hahaha And yesss, SM has a lot of great finds. I often buy cute accessories there. :>


  8. Me too!!!! I love love SM department store!!!! Hahaha too many goats around! Remember that necklace I wore from our shoot? It was from SM :)

  9. hi gillian! I just found your blog! You are very cute! This is you dressing down???!!!???!?!!? I wonder how you look like at home! =} I am a new follower!

  10. I know right. Gosh you wow good for you! It's nice that you have the time to do it and you have with you such supportive parents and a crew to work with weee :)

  11. This looks so fun! And your shorts are EPIC.

  12. @andy: thanks! and yes.. this is me dressing down... haha my version of dressing down!

    @melai: I KNOW! I'm glad I'm always supported by my dad with everything I do! and yes, the TEAM was super amazing!! We were all on the same page which made it easy for us to work together!

    @kim: thanks love! I love layers :D

  13. what camera are you holding?

  14. It's a kodak M1093 IS ... I think :)


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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