29 September 2010


photographed by Hannah Bacalla


Wore this to a baptism last week. I totally love this vest I got from WAGW, which I wore invertedly just to show off the awesome print. HAHA I loved how I fooled everyone on making it seem like it was part of my dress. Much to their surprise, it wasn't! haha 

I am especially ecstatic today since I've finally got a new laptop!!! Horrah! I'm totally loving it! Thank you DAD!!!!! Everyone meet my new laptop, Gabe! It's a Lenovo Y460!

Will be going to school today to do some paperwork and borrow and return a couple of items for a styling gig! Can't wait to tell you guys about that! The concept was totally a challenge since my fashion style is so far out from it but I hope I'll be able to tackle it. Will tell you guys more about it soon ! :)

You guys are in for a treat! I can slowly see my website forming for the online store!  I hope this doesn't backfire because I totally don't know what to do anymore with all these html and website thingies! I'll be getting new stocks this week too so watch out for the upcoming BATCH 6 of Detail bydetails!


  1. Love the dress!!! Are you gonna sell that? :D Hahahaha Congrats on the new lappy! :)

  2. I just realized how cute the set is♥ I wish we had a bigger space to create prettier sets. *daydreams*

    Can't wait to see your new work Yan. I'm sure you'll do great. :)

  3. @anne : thanks dear! Nope it's not for sale. hehehe but my new and upcoming batch will be more on dresses I think :) teehee Hope you'll find something you like :)

    @hannah : Teeehee! I think we were both too tired to notice anything on that day! haha I dream on placing a really cool day bed in your set someday! hahaha thanks han! hope this turns out well! hahaha

  4. Everything you wear looks so pretty! Saw you in Rosedale a while ago! I love how you dress up:)

  5. hahaha I was just visiting some friends :) thanks anna :)

  6. love your dress! where do you shop for vintage clothes? :)

  7. Thanks claire! The pieces I'm wearing aren't vntage hehe the dress is from a local store fron cebu and the vest is from WAGW. I used to go to random thrift stores in cebu but right now I just don't have the time anymore :(

  8. Gillian!!! I love the vest too!!!! It looks so great over the dress! And congratulations on the new lappie! How is it? I need to get a new laptop too! I've had mine since college...and that's almost 8 years ago!!!

  9. thanks kookie! Glad you liked it! Gabe's great! Super light and it's so fast! hahahaha My old laptop, Bob (an acer), lasted for 4 years lang but maybe it's because I have super heavy duty programs in it.

  10. thanks love :) your shoes ang crazy gorgeous too! <3

  11. are the clothes from your store all vintage? :)

  12. nope sweetie. brand new. haha they're just factory re-runs from other boutiques abroad :) teheee


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