19 May 2011

Detail bydetails
Young & New Fashion Editorial
with Updates

Photography: Hannah Bacalla
Stylist: Gillian Uang 
Hair and Makeup: Chai Martinez
Model: Berniece Montilla
Wardrobe: Detail ByDetails
Accessories: Sepa Accessories

The new Detail bydetails X Sepa Accessories Young & New Fashion Editorial is out!
To view the whole editorial click here.
Special thanks to MidiOk for letting me use their song!

On to some updates! 
Yesterday was a mess. If you've been following this blog or my twitter  account you'd know that I've been out of town these past few days. I almost got scammed through text yesterday because of that I have decided to impose a new rule and only take orders through facebook or the order form in the official Detail bydetails website. I hope you guys understand, just for safety reasons.
To other online sellers be careful you guys! :)


  1. Oh my! Sana okay ka na Miss Gillian! At least hindi natuloy yong scam! I also got scammed last year and she ordered a lot talaga! :( You should place a boogus buyer picture sa website or fb page mo para ma warn lahat nang online sellers din! Hope everything is well!

  2. Oh my! You actually sent her the items? Sorry to hear that! :( I'm too decent to post pictures hehe I know the culprits anyway..A message was enough :) Thank you for your concern! :)

  3. Your collections are lovely! And you have a pretty model! :)

  4. Woah! May mga taong ganyan!?! Kilala ka panaman! Baka hindi nila alam who they're up against! Isang post lang sa picture nila sira na agad! Sana you are okay na Miss Gillian and hindi ka na trauma! :(

  5. @Patty: Thank you! :) Glad you liked it!

    @Daniela: hahahaha not traumatic dear! I was just mad that people would even try to scam you ESP. when you know them! That's why cautious nalang ako ngayon.. thank you for your concern.. but it was really nothing :)


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