26 June 2011

Here It Comes

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Wore this yesterday to go grocery shopping for my short move to Manila next week. Decided to wear flats since I knew I'd be carrying a lot of bags. My friend , Guada, kept teasing me that I was wearing a wedding gown! Haha What do you guys think? :)

On to some mishaps. Yesterday was such a problem! My phone died on me.. and this time it was completely dead. My aunt gave me this temporary phone that's neon green. haha I have nothing against color BUT I would really like all my things to reflect my personality. You can call me picky or whatever but this neon green phone isn't working at all. hahahahaha I end up laughing just looking at it. But on the upside, in the words of Hannah Bacalla "at least you're in trend.. color blocking" ----cge go! hahhaha Will settle with this phone for now I guess....

Anyway... Will be shooting in a few hours from now the 10th batch of Detail bydetails. If you've been updated you'd know that this would be the last batch I'll be uploading after my 3-4 month hiatus since I'll be taking my review and board exam in Manila this coming Friday. To those who are asking-- of course I'll be back, but the estimated upload on the next batch would probably be by November or December. Hope you guys will still remember me for my comeback! Will promise to make it super grand for you all of you! :)

Don't forget Detail bydetails' 10th Batch will be out tomorrow! (June 27,2011)

7:30 PM 10:00PM -Detail bydetails official website : http://detailbydetails.tk
8:00 PM 10:30PM - Detail bydetails' facebook account : http://facebook.com/detailbydetails

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  1. di bale na mukhang wedding gown, i LOVE the skirt!

  2. Thank You Liezyl :)
    whaahhaa Hanap nalang ako nang groom! hahaha

  3. BEAUTIFUL. I love the colors and the skirt - it looks like it has lovely movement. and the necklace is perfect with this!

  4. WOW! Super photos - I adore your outfit, the skirt is gorgeous and you look beautiful! =D

  5. i love your skirt. so pretty. and your photos are sooo dreamy.

  6. @Kaye: Thank you Kaye! :)

    @Lidiya: Thank you Lidiya! hehe Just took them with my digicam :)

    @Denise: Thank you Denise!:) Edited the lighting lang.. hehe nothing fancy :)

  7. Hello Gillian!

    You looks awesome! I just wanted to drop and say that you are such a idle girl for any guy and all my friends agree that Lusyu is the luckiest boy alive! I will just stay anonymous becoz basin masuko si Luis.hihihi Stay Pretty! :]

  8. I think it looks pretty, Yan. love your necklace paired with that top.:)

    i'll miss your blogging :[

  9. @Anonymous: hahaha your comment made ma laugh! Thank You? Idle girl dyud? SOBRA! hahahah but thank you for the nice words.

    @kdawnsy: Thank you dawn! Closing the store for a while.. but I do hope I can insert a few blog entries in between. :)
    June 26, 2011 11:18 PM

  10. The skirt looks so dreamy, Gillian!:) I want more long skirts like that!:)

  11. Thank you Ava! Selling some skirts tonight at Detail bydetails. Not as long as this one though! :)

  12. I love the maxi skirt, looks very good on you! -Mar

  13. nice outfit!!! You pull it off nicely! ;)

  14. These photos are beautiful! And I love your outfit. <3


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