30 June 2011

so come over just be patient & don't worry

skirt-Detail bydetails | Nude Corset- HotPink | flats- Janeo | Necklaces -Lilila PrimitiveArt

photo by Hannah Bacalla

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My final fun shoot here in Cebu. This was one of the extra outfits I brought along during the shoot with Hannah last week. Even if she already got the shots she still wanted to take a picture of the additional outfits I brought along so why not? I didn't really bring heels cause the original peg was just to go barefoot -- oh well! The skirt is from Detail bydetails' 10th BATCH and I'm proud to announce that this design was already sold out! :)

On to some moving issues... Today's my last day in Cebu then tomorrow it's hello Manila. I've never been much of a traveler... I'm such a homebuddy slash loner slash weirdo by heart that sometimes going to places that are super far from home makes me feel uncomfortable and super homesick. I guess you can say I'm very confined to my own world cause I'm such an over thinker and I'm pretty much afraid to try out new things that are way off from my comfort zone. Hopefully by taking the review for the Interior Design board exam in Manila and forcing myself to going on my own I'll be able to learn and love the traveling side of things and be adventurous--maybe? The good side to my short move is all the shopping I'm ready to do! My luggage is ready to give way to new finds! Speaking of adventurous I actually just did my first impuslive act today for my Manila stay.. and no it's not shopping(that's not counted)! Will tell you guys on how it goes once I know! :) 


  1. Hello Gillian!

    Goodluck in your Manila stay. You leaving feels like Cebu has lost one of the most fashionable people. :( Hopefully you'll come back but I know the board exam is very important. Cebu pride, represent! :>

  2. i love your corset top. i couldn't find it at hotpink anymore though. boo. God bless on your trip!

  3. Yey! Yey! Yey! I hope i bump into you in Manila! ^__^

  4. Hey! Don't worry, think of it as an adventure, just like life is an adventure for everyone of us ;) Well minsan nga, there are bad stories but I believe na mababalance out siya (or more) ng good happenings :) Don't be afraid! Para sa akin kasi, walang kwenta ang buhay kung di magtatake ng risks haha. I always believed in you and your personality, so sana di lang kayanin, kundi make the most out of your stay in Manila! Wishing you good luck! XD

  5. @claire_p: You're too sweet Claire! Thank you for the nice words. And I will be back! I even wanna go home right now even if I just arrived.

    @LBSfashion: Thanks Issa! It was the last one when I went there.. maybe they'll restock? :)

    @Dana_77: Hope to bump into you too! But I doubt if I'll be out that much :)

    @Number Two Lover: I do get your point about venturing out of the box and taking risks but I've always been a very cautious kind of person. But thank you in believing in me. Your comment made me feel better. :)


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