01 July 2011

Empty Street

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So this was what I wore last night which was my last day in Cebu. I was super tired from all the over packing I've been doing that when I got home after dinner and after some bonding time with the boyfriend I automatically crashed into my bed! Woke up to the alarm the next day and off to the airport. I didn't really had time to to sulk in the sadness early in the morning when I was rushing to the airport but now that I am settled in and have arranged and unpacked all my things homesickness is slowly creeping it's way into my heart. 

Accompanying me with my sorrows tonight is my new bag, Nancy. Yes I name things. Isn't she adorable? :) I was walking around Ayala yesterday buying some final things for my move and as I was quickly browsing with my eyes, it stumbled upon a salmon pop. Have you ever came across an item that you feel like you've been unconsciously looking for? Well this is was mine. The line "I've been looking for this for ages" seemed appropriate during  I love the color, texture and even the gold details. Missing my family big time, Although I love my new find it will never really let me forget about missing my loved ones in Cebu. :(


  1. That bag is so you yan! lol! Cute as always.

  2. great bag! and great look. hope you're enjoying Manila so far!

  3. I love that dress! Is that still available? :)

  4. love the dress and cute bag :) enjoy manila and have fun :)

  5. Lovely post :)

    Your newest follower Michelle

  6. That bag is a great catch! You're beautiful :D

  7. Hi=) my 1st time on your blog. Love the animal-printed dress. The Parisian bag is a knockoff too.


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