30 August 2011

{ Sweet Home }


Mom's Top | Denim Vest - WAGW | Black shorts - Space | Wedges - Parisian

Accessories from different bazaars.

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I am finally home! Glad to see familiar faces when I got back. First person I got to see was my boyfriend waiting for me at the airport. Since he was off to Boracay on the same day  he was nice enough to surprise me at the airport yesterday for a quick hug, then after that it was family time all the way! Seriously been doing some eating overload and to think I've only been here for two days pa. :(

Besides food.. I've been doing some serious catching up with the people who are close to me.

Got to spend some time with my sisters too this afternoon! I miss all the girl time with them, like  figuring out what to wear and what looks best on each other. Actually I just miss forcing them to wear my outfit choices for them. hahaha kidding.. or not... :D

Wondering what tomorrow brings..
Goodnight everyone!


  1. OMGEEE! I knew that was you in Ayala a while ago! You look so pretty Gil and usual fashionable gihapon! :)

  2. it's really great when you can borrow stuff ftom your mom. hehe you're always so chic and fresh gillian. :)


  3. @Rachelle: Thank you Rachelle! :)

    @elleandjess: thank you ! :)

    @dred: thanks dred! Only brought a few clothes with me so I really do have to borroooww

  4. You look Fab Gillian! ^__^ Hope to bump into you during your short Cebu stay! :>

  5. @Diana: Thank You Dian. Always nice to hear from you ! :)

    @Vanessa: Thank You Vanessa!:)

  6. hi gillian! i saw you at the national bookstore in ayala earlier today. i liked your top and u looked pretty too! =)

  7. Thank You Daph! Glad you liked it! ;)

  8. You look so good in red, Gillian :) It compliments you really well!

  9. Thank you Christina! The dress is actually orange in person teehee :)

  10. Right??? Looks like it's floating! teehee :)


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