23 September 2011

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Sister's Top | WAGW skirt | Vintage belt and watch

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Okay, so I've been feeling terrible lately. Been drowning myself with cheetos, coke, coffee, notes and some more agony..so today I shall take away the stressful and depressing me and show you guys a happier shopping fulfilled Gillian! haha

I've been trying not to buy any clothes since I am in serious need of a new cabinet.. my clothes won't fit anymore.. Not kidding! So instead I wanted to share to you guys some of my recent beauty buys that I got for myself.
1.) Revlon Color Stay Aqua Mineral Makeup
My friends know that I've been such a Revlon fan. Last year the Photoready finishing powder was my best friend. Practically forced everyone in the group to get one. Recently I discovered this new finishing pwoder which, in my opinion, is a lot better. One application is all you need and it has good enough coverage and stays on the whole day plus I love that it feels cold and super light after applicatoin.

2.) Revlon Eyebrow Liner
I just got this 2 days ago just because it's retractable. It's surprisingly easy to use and I love the highlighter that goes along with it! I've always sucked at using powdered cosmetics for the eyebrows so this one totally works for me!
3.) Revlon Photoready Concealer
I am always on the search for the right concealer for me.. I hate my dark circles so concealer is pretty important in my life. I just got this the same day I got the Revlon Eyebrow Liner and so far it's been doing pretty well.. I think.. haha It just have normal coverage good for everyday use and I like it cause it's compact easy to carry around during my travels.

 4.) Jasmine Water BB CREAM
If you guys have been following me on twitter I've been yapping about BB cream since Manila dried up my skin. I just needed a base for my skin to prevent it from peeling. Everyone told me to either try Face shop or Etude. Sadly when I got to Face Shop they ran out of the brand I wanted and Etude ended up too heavy for my face so I found this instead. It's from Watsons and it isn't that bad.. It's very light in coverage which I like since I don't like putting to much gunk on my face for everyday use so this was good enough for me.. I just got this today and so far it works okay and smells really good! haha :)

So that's it.. I do have some pieces of clothes I've always wanted to share but I'll reserve those for a future post. :)

Family night tonight! De-stressing! :)


  1. I hear you. I keep buying clothes even if I haven't worn some that I bought before and my closet is screaming for more space. If in case you're thinking of hosting a garage sale, invite me! XD

  2. I want! Maybe when I come back! I thought we're having one with the other Cebu bloggers? :)

  3. I'm not so sure but I heard it's moved to October. I think I'll end up buying other blogger's clothes, especially yours. :)

  4. Let's see how this goes hehe I wanna sell already!

  5. Finally you are blogging again. I have been stalking your blog wondering why you have not yet posted anything recently. Pretty parin! ^__^

  6. Awwww thank you Nana! :) Been busy studying but I'll try my best to update once in a while :)

  7. Your outfit is so wonderfully romantic and sweet, Gillian =)

  8. Thank you Laura! Glad you liked it :)

  9. Someone's a Revlon girl! lol. :D

  10. Your outfit is so pretty! I love everything!

  11. Now I wanna try the Revlon Colorstay! Thanks for the tip Gil! :)

  12. Great look. Love your blouse.

  13. you look soooo wonderful! prettyyy barbie!

  14. @Kara L. : hahaha Can't help it!

    @Analisa: Thank you Analisa! :)

    @Alice: Hope you like it! :)

    @Ale e Elis: Thank you. Stole it from my sister. haha

    @Wynne Prasetryo: Teehee Thank you Wynne :)

  15. Love the earth tone colors of your outfit!

    xx Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  16. you look simply lovely. these photos are gorgeous! i may need to try revlon after reading your rave reviews! xx

  17. @thestyleflux: Thank you! :)

    @cryskay: You should! I'm no beauty blogger but so far all these items are good enough for me ;)

  18. These are some gorgeous photos of you - Love the light printed chiffon blouse and skirt!

  19. your blog and photos are really the cutest im your new follower please follow back so we can keep in touch have a nice day!


  20. This is a lovely outfit, gilian- very classy and romantic. Also, I have the photoready concealer as well! I quite like it too, I think it has these little light relfecting particles which make the circles under my eyes look less ghastly (I always have them :() I'm also thinking of trying the photoready foundation, do you have it? If you do I'd love to hear your opinion on it hahaa

    Anyway, keep up the blogging and I hope stress isn't getting to you TOO much! Cheetos are pretty yum though, I have to admit ;)

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  21. yan!!!! :D i've missed you..and your posts. when are you coming back? anyway, thanks for sharing the revlon photoready concealer...i'm using the cream one with the wand...it's running out though so when i get a new one, i'll get this...hihi.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  22. @Oh My Dior: Thank you !:)

    @Clara: Thank you Clara! Glad you liked it :)

    @Annie: I did try the photoready foundation before but it was too heavy for my skin. so it's just the photo ready powder and the concealer for me. hehe

    @Gizelle: Omggg! How's the married life? :) If you're looking for a concealer that's medium coverage and is isn't that heavy then You should try it dyud..


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