28 October 2011

High Rise

My sister, Giselle, has been planning to cut her hair for a while now and out on some random day she finally did! I've been teasing her that  I'd make her my model for the Detail bydetails a long time ago and when she did cut her hair I finally decided to push through with our long time plan! Surprisingly she was very easy to work with and of course I couldn't have done it without my awesome photog Lea! 

Looking through some collections I found out that the Detail bydetails piece has almost the same details and aura found on the runways! So here are some fashion references for you guys! :)

Roksanda Llinic

Dries Van Noten F/W 2011

Rachel Zoe

I especially love this look because of it's clear simplicity and numerous details. High slit, sheer, tied waste, long sleeved and collared! It's one of my favorites. I feel like it's the perfect canvas for any fashionista, that's just my opinion of course. :) 

Don't forget to visit Detail bydetails!




  1. My heart skipped a beat after seeing this pag lunchbreak at work ganina at the office, Yan! It's Suuuuper. <3 If only I hadn't squandered all my savings at Bora two days ago. I'd call dibs. my heart is broken. -.-

  2. Teehee! Maybe next time then? haha

  3. Fantasic!!;D


  4. I haven't seen anyone wearing slit dresses lately. This looks fresh!! :D I can't seem to access the facebook album. :(

  5. Adore long skirts -- I think their endlessly chic!

    Fashion Translated

  6. @Valerie: You have to add the store first. Detail bydetails :)

    @Liezyl Gomez: Secretly Hoping no one buys this hehehe

    @Kim: Thanks. It's a full dress! ;)

    @Fashion Translated: So do I !

    @derek: Thank you Derek! I'm sure my sister will be very happy that you said that. :)


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