27 November 2011

Floor Plan.. We Meet Again!

Forever 21 Top | Detail bydetails Pants | H&M bag | Parisian wedges

Relaxing day yesterday!Excuse my tiny eyes I haven't got that much sleep. hehehe I finally wrapped up all my shoots for the week and I feel so happy! It feels so good to just spend time with family not worrying about anything and just sleep the whole day. I got my  much needed R&R and now I am ready for work.  I'm just glad I got to  accomplish everything in such a short span of time. Leaving the fashion related news aside I am now facing floor plans again. Yes you heard that right! I sorta miss all the fuzz and the uptight schedules I used to encounter back in College. Hopefully I get this project right so that I can show you guys the results! :) Now off to do some double time on plans! 

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  1. Love the top and pants, so fierce! I miss spending time with my family too. Ah, if only we have a replay or if not, things can just go in slow motion. XD

  2. Thanks Chyrel! I rarely wear pants and figured this would be a good twist. :) Right? When your swamped with work there's no time "in between" nadyud! hehehe

  3. Hellow Miss Gil! I juz want to say that you are very pretty. Saw you in ayala this day with minimal makeup and a awesome outfit! Keep inspiring people!

  4. Thank you Dixie for the nice words! <3

  5. Love those trousers, and your blog! xxx


  6. Thank you Anna! :) Glad you liked it!


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