16 December 2011

Crystal Ball (Zee's 15th Anniv.)

Rei Escario Dress | f21 pumps
hMUA: Ryle Young

Was invited to Zee's 15th Anniversary after party and when I got the note that the dress code was formal I instantly panicked. In such short notice I didn't have anytime to get a dress made by anyone. Fortunately Rei Escario, younger brother of Jun Escario, came to my rescue and lent me this gorgeous dress. Could you believe that this was one of his first designs when he started out in the business? Totally matched the "crystal" theme I automatically assumed based on the invite. I loved the classic design with a hint of detail and low back. Fitted me like a glove actually, meant to be! <3 Thanks to one of my bestfriends, Jaye, for lending me her lovely glittery shoes. Us size 5 girls have to stick together!

 Here's Rei and I before the show started! Looking polished and sleek.

Gorgeous friends getting made up for the night. 

Power shoulders from Roni.

A very pretty dress worn by Kristina. :)

 Here's Mikey looking sartorial and cool with his glass of champagne!

The runway was decked with draped fabrics and glass vases in different shapes and heights. Reflected perfectly the kind of runway that was about to come. Simple, Chic and Elegant. I'd have to say this went perfectly well since the focus went directly on the designer pieces.

 SM accessories started the show in collaboration with other designers. Kryz closing the show with her very sexy glittery dress!

Here were some of the photos that I was able to save that night during the fashion show. Bare with me guys I've been trying to learn the tips and tricks with my camera.  I've barely mastered taking pictures outdoors  the indoor ones look like crap thus the black and white result. Teehee Although the show started late believe me when I say my photos didn't do justice to the great details during the runway that night. Each designer was different but equally talented! Truly worth the wait. :)

Congratulations to Zee on their 15th Anniversary!


  1. Gillian!
    Thanks for your comment on my recent post :) I love your dress you looked great. Plus awesome collection at the fashion show! Yey for Kryz for owning the catwalk!

    Happy Holidays dear! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Thank you Melai! :)


  3. So jealous! This event looked amazing!! I seriously want your friend's dress!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. You look gorgeous, how great is it that everything fell into place for the dress and shoes? I love how you did your hair up, so pretty! And the pics from the event look so nice, all those dresses ♥ Love the sparkles and glitter and draping, so lovely!

  5. Thank you Jess! :) I was super worried about my photos since I figured out my camera by the end of the show! Whew! Glad you liked it!


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