23 December 2011

Knot Away!

 SM cardigan|  Mango Top | WAGW shorts| Janilyn Pumps| Island Girl Knotted Necklace

Lookbook and Chictopia

Taking my Island Girl necklace out for a spin! I figured a really cool necklace like this deserves all the attention so I had my hair up today. It might look really heavy but it's actually very light since it's made out of rope! Tiny2x knots designed to create texture. Wore my bright abstract print cardigan over my leopard print  top just because i felt extra cheerful today. Fortunately the colors worked out well anyway.

Wore this to a bunch of meetings today. Both involving Interior Design and Fashion matters. I always thought I had to choose between the two and then it hit me! I can actually do both at the same time. It's clear that both fields seem to catch so much of my time and effort that I've decided to juggle both of them head on! After all, they're all in the art sector anyway.. not too far from each other either. I do hope I  get to do well on both since I'm very interested and excited to know how this will all work out!

It's almost Christmas everyone!

Hope everyone's done with their shopping!
If not don't forget to visit Island Girl

If you're from Cebu you can visit their Showroom at
63 2nd St. West Beverly Hills, Lahug, Cebu City.
Where you can pick and fit both shoes and accessories! 
You have to visit their showroom guys, not kidding about the awesome designs and it's way more fun to fit! :)

They also have branches in sunny Boracay!
Phase IV D'Mall, Boracay
A Piece of Green in Phase I D'Mall, Boracay

No branches nearby? You can always go online to order.
It's really easy and quick too just fill out their order forms!

Here's a little info on Island Girl too!

-Boracay's Island Girl is the first Philippine brand to offer a COMPLETE range of trendy fashion accessories (earrings, rings, necklaces, belts, bangles, bracelets, and sandals) focused on highlighting the beauty and versatility of NATURAL Philippine MATERIALS as well as LOCAL craftsmanship and ingenuity in a manner that is eco-friendly. NATURAL, HAND-MADE, ECO-FRIENDLY.

-All our creations are designed and prototyped in-house.

-Our goal is to create fashion-forward accessories out of the natural and we hope that you, as an influential fashion blogger, could help get the word out and advocate fashionably natural accessories.
We follow fashion and the trends very closely and incorporate them into our collections, which is why, Island Girl products (both accessories and sandals) have been very well-received at trade shows in Milan, Paris and Hong Kong and have been exported around the world for several years already.  We have even sold to major brands abroad

-We offer extensive variety at very reasonable prices considering the amount of work AND THOUGHT at goes into developing each new material and each new collection.

-Island Girl products convey warmth...we tend to use metal and chain in moderation, not wanting to drown out the natural.  


  1. Hi Miss Gil! You look so pretty and always polished. Always enjoy your fashion because it's very wearable. Keep it up!

  2. Hello Gillian! I love the whole look. Your best look so far. You always look soo polished, babe!:)
    That rope necklace is to-die-for! I want to have one of those. I think I might pay a visit @Island Girl someday. Level up najud ang Cebu! ;)

  3. Love this outfit and how you mixed the prints and textures with the splashes of pink. I really like the leopard top!!

  4. @maeanne: Thank you! :)

    @Angeli G.: You should visit them soon. The have a new collection coming out! Different variation on that necklac I've been wearing :)

    @ I oTIVAR: Thank you ! :)

    @Jessi: Glad you liked it!

  5. Lovely outfit!


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