13 December 2011

Sway Swift

Christmas season is finally here and I've been busy buying Christmas gifts for everyone! Not only that but I'm advising a few people as well for their thesis projects over at my Alma Mater. It's overwhelming that my previous professor allowed me to become their adviser even if  I'm just fresh from the board exam and don't have much experience doing site work. Hopefully I do a great job! *Fingers crossed*

 Detail bydetails top |  Ukay Skirt | H&M bag |  Parisian Wedges | Thriftgasm Necklace

Vote for my look over at Lookbook and Chictopia.

I decided to dress comfy that day so that I can easily move and walk around. So wedges and a flouncy pleated skirt for instant comfort. I really don't know why but pants seem too much of a hassle for me to wear. I think it's my claustrophobia talking but skirts always do the trick! A cool ethnic inspired necklace to top off my look.

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  1. haha We get that a lot. Thank you :)

  2. Gillian! You look really cute :) Wow ganda ng ukay skirt mo ^_^. I was reading your backlogs and I got shocked you just bought that awesome knitted top from Vanessa! You looked amazing in that ensemble :) Good luck on the coach poppy contest! Your set with Kryz was amazingly cute and very youuu guys!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. That necklace is beautiful! =)


  4. @Melai: Yes! On the spot! hahaha Hindi lang effort. Thank you Melai! :) Btw, send me your bank details please! I really wanna donate na. :)

    @Hope: Thank you! :)


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