23 January 2012

Going Back

SM denim top| Thrifted floral skirt| Accessorize Necklace| H&M bag| Leaveland Pumps

I really wanted to wear pants that day since my friends told me to don a casual look but I was upset when I found out the night before that all my denim pants won't fit me! :( How horrible is that? I guess I did gain weight when I was in Manila last year! haha I guess the only thing left to do is to embrace my new size. :)

A little story behind this skirt.  I actually wore this to a shoot during my 3rd year in college on a photo set for "future Interior Designers" in school. Now that I am actually a fully fledged  licensed  Interior Designer I don't think I'll be able to let go of this skirt at all. :)


Visited my Alma Mater last week to attend a talk for PIID- Cebu Chapter. Halfway through our talk I couldn't help but bring one of my really good friends along, Caren, to walk around USC-CAFA. So we ditched a couple of minutes and decided to venture the empty halls of CAFA on a Saturday afternoon. I swear each corner had a corresponding memory! If you're reading this thank you Caren for taking these photos of me! <3


This used to be where all of us would draw our different plans and plates. Even if there was no seating plan 
all of us had our  respective seats and if you dared to get someone else's seat your in a for long fight! LOL!


I could never forget this area all of us used to take most of our breaks together so this was the hallway where everyone had to pass..

Over to some new things. A huge mural was just recently added to the school's lobby which I actually like since we're all under the Fine Arts and Architecture department I really think the building needed this splash of color after all these years. As if our crazy CAFA fashion sense wasn't enough. haha

I don't really know what these were but it reminded me so much of a cage. What caught my eye were the two geometric shapes that were repeatedly used throughout the structure which were triangles and hexagons. Can anyone enlighten me on what this was for or what the structure is? haha I love it! 


  1. I love the mural in your school. :)

  2. Hello Gillian! :))
    So glad to finally meet you during Blanc's launching. Hope to meet you again.
    Anyway, being in your alma mater makes you wish you would be a student again. USC-TC just gives you that atmospheric feel. I'm also a Carolinian and I wish I could also take outfit shots there. Hahahah! There are so many possible places you can use as your spot. Hihi! Nice look as always. Very sophisticated :)

    1. I know what you mean! Made me wished I blogged more when I was in college. Thank you Angeli! :)

  3. Beautiful outfit, I love the skirt, very chic and sophisticated <3

  4. Lovee the skirt ♥


  5. you look so pretty!!!


  6. These pictures are so pretty and romantic!
    I for those HK photos, I just used the standard 18-55 IS lens, and for outfit posts, I try and use the 50mm f1.8.
    Hope this helps!

    Monochrome Magpie

    1. Thanks for the reply! :) Your photos were amazing!


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