28 February 2012

Inverted Piece


Detai bydetails White dress| Sister's cover up worn invertedly 
F21 glittered wedges | Spiked Bracelet from an online buy

You know that trend you've been seeing around where street style blogs have been showing your average passerby wearing a knitted top over their maxis for that effortless chic vibe? Well I've been drawn to that idea for such a long time. It's just been really hard lately since Cebu weather has been frying me up. So when I stumbled upon my sister's light weight lacey cover up in my closet I just couldn't resist to try it out!


Layered it over this subtly detailed laced maxi dress from Detail bydetails


And to add more to the list I decided to wear the cover up backwards! haha I really did find the back detail eye catching and I figured why not show it around? Felt like a number of people staring at me the whole time while I was doing some errands during the afternoon. Oh well, it's fun to goof around sometimes. And to me, it totally looked liked a shirt from the front view. That's just me though. Did I do it right or was I too crazy? Lol.

 This spiky bracelet I bought from my very pretty friend, Katrina, seemed to do the trick.
Been teasing everyone around trying to poke them with this thing! They really do look sharp in person.:)

And finished off my simple look with these glittery pair to keep me comfy the whole time!

Hope you guys had fun with my look like I did! :)


  1. such an adorable wedges ♥


  2. I like your bracelet . really beautiful

  3. That shirt is so different and cute - love it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Just marvelous! LOVE both peices and the shoes!!


  5. I love the look of maxis and chunky sweaters too! Your sister's top works fine backwards; I notice lots of people have been doing the backwards cardigan thing lately. Love the glittery wedges!

    xo, alison*elle

  6. what a beautiful, intricate yet subtle pattern on the lace dress. it looks amazing, especially when blowing in the wind!


    1. I've been trying to capture moving shots for my blog but lately it's just usually my skirt flowing with the wind that I'm able to take nicely. haha Thanks Izzy! :)

  7. Ahhhh, this is gorgeous.

  8. Unique idea! Anyway, just wanna ask if where ka tig thrift shop? :D

    1. I haven't thrifted for the longest time. :( Butttt the best ukay I've visited kana dapit sa Mandaue under the bridge! Nice there. A lot of nice finds. You have to find it though but nice dyud :)

    2. Where dapit sa Mandaue? Hihi like ukay jud xa literally? Dili kanang gi hanger na?

    3. Yep. Under the bridge! :) But I went there like 3-4 years ago na.:( A corner away from that place a long the street naa say mga hanger2x if mao na imong type. hehe

    4. Awwww hala dugaya na uyyy basin lahi na ila bligya ron :D I went to Mandaue last Friday then I passed by a bridge, i dnt know if mao toh imo pa mean kay i saw ukay2x stores pd hihi.. one is beside a bank.. im not sure if mao na :D dako kaau ang Mandaue ba hehehe

  9. Love this skirt!



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