18 February 2012

Just Can't Let It Go

Thriftgasm Top | Tube top worn as a skirt| F21 Necklace | Parisian heels


For a casual night out with some college buddies I decided to wear this ethnic top for a festive feel. Since my regular black bondage skirt was at the Laundry's that day I decided to be innovative and just wear my usual tube top as a bondage skirt for the night. Fitted like a glove! I don't know if you guys have noticed but I've been trying to spruce up my outfit choices for my readers. But despite the obvious change I've been secretly still staying true to my minimal but eclectic sense of style. Well, at least I try to! I just can't let go of the laid back feel to my looks. In my opinion I believe that the dress or the pieces should speak for itself. Don't you think? :)

I decided to just wear one statement purple jeweled necklace to match the ethnic vibe going on with my shirt. Rather than letting the accessories overshadow the prints on my shirt I decided to find something that complimented the constructed prints and colors found in the scheme.


And been walking around with these comfy green heels. A night of fun and crazy needs a comfy pair of course. :)


  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog only recently and I love you already ;) Been going through your Archives since. Really like your styles and oh, lovely tube for skirt, splendid idea, I've got to try that sometimes!

    1. Thank You Apryl! :)You should try it sometime! :)

  2. Uhh amazing.

  3. minimal and eclectic is GILLIAN so don't worry about sprucing up just for us readers...we love coming back here because of you and your minimal & eclectic style. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Amen to Gizelle! This was the outfit I saw you in wasn't it? The top really caught my eye, got hypnotized for a few seconds! :))

    1. Yes it was! :) Thanks Dawn! It was given by Thriftgasm and been waiting for the perfect time to wear it! Glad you liked it too! :)

  5. This look is so fresh, I love it! Especially your heels, they do look so comfortable!

    Jennifer xx

    1. They are! Best heels ever! I feel like it's about to crash though. :( It's been with me 2 years already :(

  6. Hi! I just somehow ended up here in your blog and I'm glad I did. I really like your style and looked through almost the whole blog.
    This outfit is perfect, I love the blouse pattern and the necklace is so pretty.

    What about following eachother? I already followed you.

    Lots of love,



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