22 February 2012


 SM accessories pearl necklace| F21 orange Top and lavender inner| Detail bydetails pleated skirt
Dad's vintage belt | Calvin Klein Bag | Leaveland Pink Pumps


I decided to go to color for a day of errands and meetings. Of course I changed into heels in the afternoon to meet with my clients for some final touches on my recent projects! I decided to bring a long with me this white textured Calvin Klein bag to  keep all the colors together. I figured I can go less matchy-matchy when it came to the colors to my outfit since it was somehow under the pastel hues anyway.  Went with a pop of pink from my shoes to play around with a brighter color and a black belt to control & hold down the sorbet scheme.

This is Ana Antunes' home, a famous Interior Stylist. Similar to my look I loved how she balanced the pastel palette. I'd like to call it "understandable quirkiness" ! Lol.


What I really loved about it was the use of white as the dominant color in the space. Similar to the white bag I've donned with my look and the pearl necklace I wore, it automatically creates a clean background to the different kinds of colors used without competing.

Different shades of blue sets up a relaxed feel. So once paired with white you can never go wrong on going overboard with the color scheme. When it comes to Interiors, you can always play it up with different tints all throughout your space for less repetitiveness. Or you can mix different kinds of textures to allow movement to your space or outfit!

Besides keeping in mind a canvas one should always remember to use colors in different hues or tone levels whenever you've decided to use a lot of color.


For example, it's best to play around with brighter colors matched with duller ones to create a contrast on space or on your body.


Similar to the printed yellow pillows in the interior or my favorite pair of bright pink pumps to finish it off!

Whatever it is Interior or Fashion, it's always more fun with color! :)
Hope that helped!


  1. This is SUCH a pretty look. I love everything about it - especially those shoes!!! :)


  2. Your blog is super cute!:)
    Nice look! <3


  3. love this casual cool outfit! pretty!

  4. those two colours go so well together, you look lovely!


  5. Sweet outfit! Thanks for following <3

  6. Love your blog and follow you.Would you like to follow me back?

  7. i missss you, ms uang.... looking lovelyyy as always ^^

    1. I miss you too Vanessa! When will we ever meetup? haha And thank You! :)

  8. You look great girl! Love your style and blog, keep going!

  9. i love how mix pastels with bold pumps <3

  10. Wow, you are really beautiful and the outfit is so wonderful and expressive, I love the way you mixed the colors. And somehow you remind me of Kry Uy from thirstythought?! :D

    1. Thanks Mai! :) Hahaha we get that a lot! One of my closest friends!:)


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