31 March 2012


f21 Striped Dress | People are People Earrings | Aldo Metal Bracelets| Celine Black Bow Peep toe Pumps

Ever since I started working under a construction company my Saturdays are given a whole new meaning. It has become the day where I get to have fun and not submit to the construction world. There are Saturdays ,like today , when I am required to go to work but luckily this means a more casual and less busy atmosphere. This is when I take a break from my rugged clothes and glam up when I can. I've always thought color is a perfect way to say fun, so out with the neutrals and in with the vibrant hues!

Opted for these complimentary eye catching pieces to match my look. No necklaces for today since I think this bright number was good enough to go solo!

A recent favorite in my shoe closet are these bowed peep-toe pumps from Celine! I always bring them a long with me, these has become my go to shoe whenever I have quick meetings at work. Instantly makes me look formal!


  1. your shoes are adorable! very nice outfit!
    thanks for dropping by my blog!


  2. great dress you wore there !
    something Forever21 is always fresh and youthful.
    it really adds a lot of cheerfulness to a weekend outfit look =)

    Style Hostess

  3. Peg ko! I'll probably wear something like this the moment I have to go to work - rebel kung rebel! :))

    Almira :)

    1. I say go for it! The length isn't that short naman, plus it has sleeves too. So technically you're not breaking any rules. hahahahaah


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