13 March 2012


H&M  Longsleeve | Guess Jeans | So Fab! flats
F21 bracelets & sunnies | Bazaar Finds Necklace

It's been my second day working under a construction company in Cebu and I am wiped out-- In a good way of course. After months of debating I have finally joined the corporate world. Being an Interior Designer/ Stylist / Marketing Officer a lot of you guys would think it's all glamorous whenever we go to work. You are dead wrong!  As much as I wanted to wear my heels today I opted for my comfy yet catchy flats instead. You'll never know how work goes within the day. One minute you are conceptualizing on designs and themes and the next you're rushing to different sites you have to maintain. People in the field would agree that dressing up blogger style may not be the best time for that even a corporate look doesn't cut it. haha

So instead of wearing my usual heels and my skirts I decided to don this long sleeved top that my relatives gave me and paired it with my royal blue bottoms. It's been a long time since I last wore jeans. Thankfully I was able to fit in these after my weight gain! Lol!

Brought along these vibrant sunnies in case I had to do field work of some sort.

Piled on a few bracelets just because I felt bare.

And walked around the whole day with these comfy leopard babies! :)

I wish I could talk more about what happened but instead I'll be hitting the sheets early!
Goodnight everyone! :)


  1. cute shoes!


  2. This outfit is so cute and chic! I like how you paired these two colors together! The jewelry you chose is perfect. I really like your blog, you have a new follower!

    The Lovely Memoir

  3. I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
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  4. Great outfit !
    I'm totally in love with your earrings and necklace <3
    And your top and pant looks perfect together ! :-)


  5. What a beautiful outfit! =) I simply adore the colors, and it's such a gorgeous look to wear for work as well! (: Thank-you for your sweet comment on my latest blog post! I am a new follower, looking forward to reading your next post!

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  6. Hehehe - this may not be the best look for the corporate world but it sure makes for gorgeous eye candy. I like everything about this look! Clearly we don't share an H&M - this blouse is too nice to appear in my shoddy store :)

    1. Working under constructions doesn't really do it for me with the whole corporate look hahaha But one of these days when I don't have site visits will definitely figure out to insert a corporate look soon! haha


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