27 April 2012


Human has just released a new collection and here are some of the pieces in it! 
Hope you guys can visit their stores soon, I love loose silhouettes so I know I'll be! :)

Push yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to style. 
Try something different--like this gray dress with chain detailing for edge

The classic little black dress is recreated by Black Human with a bit of edge.

Innovative silhouettes can play tricks to the eye. This two-pieceis stitched with a cover-up.

The men’s collection is definitely for the fashion-forward man.

Black harem pants and cowl sweaters combined together look very edgy.

Stripe Tease: The most basic colors in the most edgy and trendy silhouettes by Black Human.

Think Pink: a hint of neon pink gives any monochromatic ensemble a happy feel.

Put conformity aside and place your rebel individuality forward.

Black is the color that is sure to reign supreme until the height of summer. After all, it is one of the most basic colors you can wear. It’s the go-to shade when you can’t seem to decide what to wear. Also, it’s the kind of color you can wear in so many ways and can go from day to night, from city to beach, and from afternoon delights to happy hours.
At the local front, Human’s new line, aptly called “Black Human”, takes the dark shade to a lighter ground by mixing it with neon colors of hot pink, bright yellow and blazing blue.
Black Human is casual and trendy but with more edge and sophistication. Pieces such as a loose cotton black top layered underneath a gray sleeveless dress, a shirt dress that falls right above the knee, and a sheer white tie cover-up overlaying a black and gray striped dress all spell class with a bit of rock n’ roll only Human can combine. Loose billowy tops and monochromatic stripes paired with harem pants give an easy breezy style for women of all shapes. Cowl sweaters with side center pockets, black harem pants and cotton striped tees come to play in the name of style. The look is trendy and edgy, and it’s definitely more fashion-forward.
The collection seems to be gearing towards longer, looser pieces where you can feel less restrained because movement is definitely easier.
Black Human is definitely bold and adventurous. The label has infused so much style into such a basic color, mixing it with pops of brights. This summer, make sure to stack up on the dark shade with a few neon punches. Get the most miles out of your clothes with Black Human.
The Black Human Collection is now available! Visit a Human store nearest you.


  1. Fabulous collection! I love it :)


  2. lovely casual collection!
    thanks for sharing this.

  3. Gorgeous clothes <3 Thanks for sharing! :)


  4. I love all of these! especially the neon accents


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