10 May 2012

Alcatel One Touch Glam 810D

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH introduces the ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D, the new mobile phone created with the women in mind. It is the perfect tech accessory that adds glamour to today’s feminine mobile lifestyle. This unique phone brings variety and choice to the mobile technology landscape. The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D is the perfect combination of fun, easy-to-use technology and stylish design. 

It's a girl thing!

It’s chic. Eye shadow, pocket mirror—the powder compact shape of the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D resembles these mainstays of a woman’s handbag. Choose the color scheme that suits you best—Mystery Pink or Light Chrome.

It’s expressive. As an added touch, the phone sparkles with customizable tiny luminescent diodes when you receive a message, text or call. The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D opens like a music box, revealing a QWERTY keyboard and a 2.4” screen. Photos, videos, messages are all just a click away—all because of the shortcuts you can personalize yourself. And to make sure you capture all those special memories, the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D has a 2 MP camera that also records videos. It also gets you on your mood with music on the go on your MP3 player.

It’s social. All day long, the phone can be discreetly tucked away in your handbag or proudly brought out into the limelight. Your own secret garden containing your Twitter and Facebook communities is just a simple click away. Today’s modern young woman never misses an opportunity to share her status, a tweet or a photo. And if you want to find the address of that fashionable restaurant everyone is talking about, the Opera Mini web browser is there to help. It makes you even more social by getting all your contacts in two sims in one handy dual sim phone. 

It’s YOU!
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D is the perfect accessory for your busy social life. From young to mature, this mobile phone fits your style with its feminine touch. Fashion and tech combined in ONE TOUCH—perfect!
The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D is available in ALCATEL OneTouch kiosks and cellphone stores nationwide for a just 3,599.00.


  1. ahhhh this is such a cute phone! i want it :(

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  2. this is super cute!!!!


  3. Ohmyghad! It's so cute! I will get one of these soon. :D I really like the pink one. And aslo, it's not that expensive. Looks really chic and really my typ! :)


    1. If I didn't just recently changed phones I would buy this one in a heartbeat! haha

  4. OMG. This is TOO CUTE. I NEED it in my life!!!

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  5. This looks like such a cute phone! I wish more phones were like this! x

  6. I am obsessing over this phone, I will be getting it but not until the end of November. I can't wait. Must have this phone. :)

  7. Oh my glob! THIS is officially in my christmas wishlist.... ❤_❤
    Super cute!

  8. Yipee! My mom said she iwll buy me one this coming garduation


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