24 May 2012


Forever21 Bustier | WAGW mint blazer | Detail bydetails maxi ethnic skirt | Parisian glittery flats


Wore this on a very busy day of meetings and pull outs! I am back on doing all the styling and purely Interior works for a few days and what I realized is that I totally missed it. It's a different walk when you're doing what you're passionate about. It doesn't feel like work at all! To the point that you feel like you can work 24 hours a day. Not kidding on this feeling, either I'm right or I just miss doing all this work. :)

This has to be my favorite maxi skirt in my closet. The vintage characteristic on this one always keeps the  looks I pair it with interesting every time I take it out for a spin!

Of course I wore a blazer over my bustier. Both my boyfriend and my dad would kill me if I left the house with just a bustier on. Especially this kind! Whenever it comes to "daring" pieces  I always make it a point to balance out my outfits. 

Been obsessed with weaved/ bejewled bracelets lately. The blue one is from Fashion Trends Collections. I just love how these pieces instantly funks up your look .

And my trusty flats for a whole day of mall pull outs for a shoot I'm styling on Monday. Trust me when you're scouring for pieces and doing fittings at the same time flats are your best friends!

Ending this post with this shot. hahaha
I find it soooo weird that I just had to share it with you guys!
Mura lang dyud kog buang, ga wild akong blazer. Lol!

Have a great night everyone. :)


  1. love the skirt!!

  2. très jolie tenue, et j'adore ton blazer
    tes photos sont superbes

  3. love your lip colour, what is it?

    from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

    1. It's Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. :)

  4. This outfit is so cute! Love the blazer paired with the skrit... The colors blend so well! :D

    xo - David

  5. Love the blazer and bracelets!! Too pretty!


  6. okay naman unta, nakatawa jud ko ani: Mura lang dyud kog buang, ga wild akong blazer. Lol! HAHAHA! Have a great weekend!

    Jewel Clicks

    1. hahaha Di dyud matabang. Had to say it. lol! You too. :)

  7. you are so sweet! Love the bustier on you! xx

  8. such an interesting look! love the print on your skirt :)

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  9. Your blog looks gorgeous as you do!Lovely outfit!
    u can visit my blog as well anamocca.blogspot.com and join if u like!


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