11 June 2012

A Few Things

I must look terribly tired in your eyes. Well, you are not mistaken! After a long day of site visits I was drained physically and emotionally!  Went straight to a special dinner with one of my favorite relatives and my godchild so no... I was not crazy to wear this look while doing my weekly visits.

My feet has been in pain for a week now so flats are what I'm all about. This pair from Head over Heels just arrived in time! Close friends would have to agree that this shoe is very me. Bow details have always been my thing thus the result of my logo!

People are People glasses

Anyway, I've been contemplating.. Isn't there a fast forward button where you get to see your future self ? Despite a lot of rocky roads and certain hindrances at the present what I've realized is that I can't wait to arrive at a time when I get to know why I had to take these struggles to begin with. And I hope when that day arrives then I'll say to myself  "ahhhh mao diay!" (translation: "so.. that's why!").


  1. I love your lipstick color and your flats are theee cutest!


  2. Those shoes are very cute and I love the necklace too. Hope you get some time to rest and take care of yourself, Gillian!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. love your glasses :D

    kindly visit http://peureine.blogspot.com

  4. I lovee your flats <3 ubercute <3



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