16 June 2012

Tippy Toes

Detail bydetails Poncho & inner tube| Bakedmic's Closet Printed Leggings|
IFeet Shoe Series Heeless Shoes | F21 & Mango bracelets


Hello There! Just chilling with my heelless shoes! haha If you followed my instagram account you'd know this post was waiting to happen. They are surprisingly comfy and very easy to walk with. I knew I had to include this into my photo shoot a few days back since they were absolutely too fierce not to include right? :) 

Thank you to Cheska of IFeet Shoe Series for sending this over! 
They are a gift from heaven! <3

With shoes like this you have to -- and I will say it again.. HAVE TO amp up your whole wardrobe! So I went for this printed leggings which I got from Bakedmic's Closet, I am so in love with the print and the color combination on this one! You'll see me in another post with the same bottoms.. I'm sure of that!

And thought my fringed top went perfectly well with these bottoms. Wore my printed tube top to secretly give off a print on print look-- yet again. The key word here is "secretly". haha

Of course went overboard with my favorite combination of bracelets!
I guess more is more!

Over all, I loved how this look did not go overboard. At least in my eyes it didn't.
Your thoughts? :)


  1. great photos, love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  2. You're so stunning and those bracelets are so good!

  3. Love the outfit, hate the shoes! I've yet to see a pair of heelless shoes that I like. You always include so many adorable photos in your posts, Gillian, and for that, we should all be grateful. Thank you!

    1. haha Everyone's entitled to their own opinion I guess. ;) And thank you Joe for the nice comments :)

  4. You belong in an editorial.
    Such stunning pictures
    You are absolutely gorgeousss!
    xx mintblush

  5. such a pretty mix of patterns and textures it works so well! and I love your shoes :)

  6. Awesome leggings !!! I follow you now :)
    Please have a look at my blog!


  7. You are insanely beautiful - I could totally see you on the cover of Elle or Vogue.

    Beautiful blog.


  8. great outfit Gillian. I just found you blog and I think is great! so I´ll follow and if you want to visit or follow back you´ll be very welcome...


    kisses from Guatemala


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