22 June 2012

With Me?

Detail bydetails blazer | Oxygen sheer dress | Bees'z Closet Pumps | Accessorize Necklace 

Photos by Hannah Bacalla  (taken with film)
Styling/ Model: Yours Truly
Assisted by : Giselle Uang

Here's another set of film shots Hannah took last week. Those of you who follow my blog would know I
already posted this look a few days ago here , these are from Hannah's perspective.

Photos are the best way to show you guys how I'm feeling and this set reflects my present state spot on. I've been at a lost and confused state lately. I often debate on leaving or staying.. but I guess that's always the case with everyone...  Some people tell me I need to relax a bit since I take everything too seriously. Pretty confused with what that meant. How can you not? But I guess they do have a point.. I just have to let go of my compulsive nature in some aspects of my life and maybe learn to enjoy these instead of worrying excessively. Who's with me? :)


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  1. I really love this outfit. The jacket is cute.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Kumusta :) lovely photos babe. And don't worry, just focus on the good things in life.

    Micah x


    1. I'm guessing you're Filipino too? :) Thanks for dropping by! I love your blog btw! :)

  3. WOah I can't even find words to describe your photos... *_* Absolutely stunning- you and your pics ;)
    btw I'm with you so chin up! ;)
    hugs from Poland :)

    1. Thanks Eve! <3 The photographer used a film camera with these shots. Glad you liked it and thank you for the comforting words! <3

  4. I like these shots better (although I wish they were bigger). The one of you standing on the ladder is so sexy! Talk about beautiful legs! Whatever you decide to do, be good to yourself. That's my advice.

  5. Wow such beautiful photos. They are so clear and bright! I love the backdrop and the letter as prop is a creative addition. I'm sorry you are feeling confused and I hope whatever problem it is gets sorted out! xo...well at least your photos are gorg!! :)

    1. Thank you KT! Brighter side of things I guess? haha Thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Amazing outfit!! Love your sheer dress and blazer. The photos are georgeous too! Have a nice day :) XX

  7. You look great in this!;) Moreover, the photoshoot looks stunning, I like the idea of bringing a stepladder outside... :)

  8. STUNNING photos. I love that they're on film - so rare to see that nowadays! Great outfit, too. I really like your blog and am definitely following :)



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