12 August 2012

SM GTW: Are you the Next Redhead Model?

SM Girls' Teens Wear is once again in search for their next Redhead Model! They're looking for the next batch of girls to join the team this 2012. The search is open for girls 15 to 25 years old, single and at least 5'1" in height! Yes you heard that right you don't necessarily need to be a 6 footer to join!

Between July 13 to September 6 all you have to do is simply purchase P399.75 worth of any regular priced item from the brand Redhead found at the Girls Teen's Wear section found in all SM department stores nationwide.

Each P399.75 single receipt corresponds to a unique registrations code which can be redeemed at booths found insdie Girls Teens Wear section , along with an application form.  Fill out the needed details and make sure to submit a full body photo and a close up head shot photo with each application form.

Once in the Top 12 you get to get a few freebies from SM GTW's team! Yeyy! Who doesn't want free fashionable stuff? haha

And if you're lucky enough to be part of the TOP 3 then you'll win the awesome prizes mentioned above!

To know the complete details please visit my full post about it here.

So, are you SM GTW's Next Redhead Model? :)
Good luck guys!

For more details, log on to sm-gtw.com or like them at Facebook.com/SM.GTW. For inquiries or updates, you can also follow them at Twitter @sm_gtw.

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