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29 October 2012

Deep Breath

Online Buy Bird Printed Collared Top |  Detail bydetails Sheer Midi Skirt 
Sammydress Heels | People are People Purple Wayfarers | Mom's Diamond Earrings

Didn't feel like wearing makeup yesterday since I knew later that afternoon I'd be on heavy cosmetics for a wedding. Hiding under chic sunglasses always does the trick!

Something light and breezy like this skirt from Detail bydetails was on my mind the whole weekend. Finally had the chance to wear this on a quick trip to the mall.

Wearing this pair again was a great decision. Especially liking the fact that they complement the prints of my top. Agree? :)

Figured statement earrings wouldn't hurt right? :) Scored this while checking out my mom's vintage collection. 

Leaving the fashion side of things and ending my post with a few thoughts locked up in my head. :)

 Wishing I could take a step back and change all the bad decisions I had done back then. But I guess those kinda things you can never really redo and mistakes are never clear in the past, until you get to a point when you realize that those mistakes had to be made for better and brighter things happening at the present.

Something to think about. :)

By the way, Just Uploaded Detail bydetails' Newest Collection!

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  1. I'm getting a vintage feel from this outfit! Cute top also! :)

  2. Gorgeous look! :) Love the top.. SO cute. ^^ We just got first snow few days ago, so this was really lovely, heart warming inspiration to this cold day..

    Indie by heart

  3. love this outfit, as well as the sunnies!

  4. What a gorgeous look! I adore that top with your pleated skirt. So lovely. :)

  5. Love it ♥ You look gorgeous girl!

  6. This is such a pretty skirt, I'm loving it.

  7. those shoes are great! and ahh love the color palette for this outfit, romantic :)

  8. sooo pradaishhh inspired love it!

  9. I love the colour of the pleated skirt! It's just the right length on you as well! :D And yes the shoes do complement the colours of your top haha!


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