25 October 2012


Decided to work out the day I wore this look. Was feeling corporate all of a sudden so I decided to throw on some heels for the day! Often times, when I write articles for SEO projects I tend to bring myself out just so I can get inspired  and type away with coffee right beside me. :)

Also, I brought this simple studded sling bag since I knew I'd be carrying my large laptop along. I had to find a way to offset the heaviness. haha

Often times when I'm stuck at home I tend to space out. So whenever I can, I try to bring work out. Plus it's a good excuse to dress up too, wanting to be inspired and all! haha

Aeropostale White Polo| Printed Shorts c/o Solilor  |
Mom's Vintage balck belt and black studded bag | Macy's Nude Bow Heels

Later that afternoon, I met up with my good friend and photographer Hannah Bacalla . We tried to plan for our next shoot but alas, we ended up blabbing about other things until we realized the time was up. Meeting up at a mall is never good, a lot of window shopping was involved! haha

You've seen these printed shorts before ,I'm sure. But I had to wear them again just because they were at the top of my pile when I opened my closet. And you have to agree the prints are pretty tempting! Also,besides aesthetics I'm very practical when it comes to styling for myself so I always recycle clothes. Especially my favorites. :)

Call me an outfit repeater all you want but if you had these brilliant prints in your closet you'd wear it again too. lol!

By the way, Just Uploaded Detail bydetails' Newest Collection!

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  1. You're looking fab as usual! I love your shoes by the way!! :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES


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  2. I love the bag and your new collection too!


  3. cuuutest shorts!


  4. agree!! the print of the shorts is awesome <3

  5. Still love your shoes!!
    You always look fab! *w* <3
    The print is so nice o:


  6. that's a great lip color on you and such fun shorts!

    xo, stop by for a visit!

    lydia from vintage2vogue



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