13 November 2012

An Irrational Fear

"I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day."

Quoted from my friend's, Dia, instagram. How many of you guys have the same fear? haha A lot of us girls have that same dilemma. But I was thinking maybe we should keep everyday significant so that we can get to wear our dressed up pieces out! Wala lang, food for the brain. I was busy packing for a trip tomorrow that I suddenly realized I haven't worn these yet. 

I hear tapestry is getting a major revamp! It's not just found on our sofas this time. Same goes with brocade prints I hope. I was saving this green printed dress for something special.  haha I guess I'll be waiting a long time .

An overflow of neon is always a good thing. Actually planning to wear this for a shoot this weekend! Fingers crossed.

This, you've probably seen from my instagram account weeks back. Floral and glittery details seems to get the best of me sometimes.

Am I stupid for "reserving" all these goodies for too long? haha
Must conquer my fear soon!

Any of you girls share the same sentiments as I do? :)


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  1. You gotta break the seal and do it! I have items that I overthink, too, but once I wear them, I can't stop!

  2. Love the first and the 3 outfit!!



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