23 November 2012

Comfit's Cebu Launch

Oh la la!  Yesterday I was invited by good friend & owner, Daphne Uy,  for Comfit's Cebu Launch at J Centre Mall.  You have to admit guys, who can really say no to shoes? :)

Daphne decided to franchise the brand seeing that it was suitable with the Cebu market.
Best part was knowing that all the shoes were made in the Philippines!

My fave from the bunch had to be these glittery heels!

Next, were these statement pumps that fellow Cebu blogger, Vanessa, is holding.

What really fascinated me with Comfit Shoes were these gorgeous ads! I mean come on, there's nothing more Gillian than these shots! haha Felt like hugging the models for being so cute. 

Besides shoes they've got unique statement accessories as well!

So being the Interior Designer I am very much obliged by my own free will to to take note of the spatial design being implemented. From a far, seeing these white console tables were a pretty good sign! The whole place was decked with a young and playful French Renaissance concept.

Take a look at their counter. Very french indeed! From their cashier

.. to their accessory shelf , I must say those cabriole legs kept everything cohesive. A bit about these elegant accents is that these were associated with Louis XV period pieces under the french regime.

The tufted bench behind me spelled out glam with it's rich color and material!
Wanted to just lay there. <3

And nothing beats a touch of modern yet dainty accents like these lamps. A big check on the Interior --that's for sure!

Lea and I! Always glad to be around this girl. We rarely go to events together so it was nice to bond with her with this one. :)

Photo grabbed  from Toni
That's Daphne over there getting her picture taken with Alexa.

Obligatory instagram shot!  Always fun to hang out with these girls!

Hope you guys can drop by Comfit's first Cebu branch at the 2nd Floor of  JCentre Mall. :)


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  1. that green peplum is superb!
    great look,

  2. awww, sayang wa ta nag-abot. love the glitter heels too!

  3. Everything's so gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing time!


  4. That event looks like so much fun and I'm definitely a huge fan of the interior design and all the quirky furniture! :) Loving your shoes as well.


    1. Thank you Jen! Always nice to hear from you. :)

  5. Looks like a great stall!

    1. It's more than a stall! It's a store. hehe thanks for dropping by Anita ;)


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