09 December 2012

{Detail bydetails} : Behind The Scenes

Here are the million and one BTS shots  my sister and I took during the Detail bydetails shoot last week.

Tools of the trade!
Here are the pre-styled outfits I prepared for the shoot. Together with the Braids & Bonds necklaces that were especially made for this collection.

For our lookbook shots we've got ourselves a helmet! I wanted something quirky to be incorporated into the looks to reflect Detail bydetails' eclectic taste..

Let me introduce you guys to my team! :)

Here is our makeup artist , pretty Raisa Bercede, hard at work! I've always wanted to work with her because I've heard so much rave reviews already. 
Best in kilay (eyebrow) indeed!

Here's my gorgeous model Patricia Zosa! I've already worked with her during past shoots where she was the photographer (here and hereand now the tables have turned! Besides being the occasional model ,Patty-- as she is known for back in high school, owns the cafe where we are shooting at, which I also interior consulted for.  ALPS Cafe coming really soon guys! Stay tuned! :)

Surprise! Surprise!
Our good friend, Melanie, dropped by for a while with her awesome sunnies! huhu I want one badly!

My sister, Giselle, who assisted me throughout the day is always fun to have around. Not only does she know what to do and how I want things but she makes the set a little lighter. (Check photo below)

Agree? hahaha

Finally our pretty and very blooming photographer, Hannah Bacalla, I've said this countless times already and I'll say it again.. I never get worried when shooting with her because somehow our concepts connects.True Story! We've worked with each other for so long already that we actually became really good friends. I feel like she knows too many of my secrets already. haha

Here are some outtakes from our Editorial shoot.

Hannah does everything to get the shot. From staying at the most cornered areas to the lowest angles possible. That's what I call commitment! haha

Raisa and I assisting behind the scenes. :)

When I'm being the crazy O.C. stylist..

...my sister on the other hand is the addictive shutterbug. Thus the very photo filled post today!

A little something for my team & the new packaging from Detail bydetails too!

 I knew this would be the right place to shoot for our next collection. A lot of fun & quirky areas are found and not to mention the Glass Housed effect this area has. A lot of natural lighting I tell you! 
(And no I am not biased because it was my idea haha *cough*loveyourown*cough*)

I can't wait for ALPS Cafe to open so that I can get to drink these drinks again! Cinnamon flavored beverages are love. These were made by co-owner and patty's sister Liz Zosa. So stay tuned guys for the big reveal!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post for today! :)

Visit our sites to see the full collection. :)

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  1. Everything looks wonderful! So colourful and pretty :)

    Wanna float with us? http://www.floatstardust.blogspot.com
    The Floating Team!

  2. I just realized si Patty man diay imohang model. So pretty! And pretty kaayo imohang team, Gillian! I'm also excited for Alps. Where is it located?

    1. Yes it is her! You know each other diay? hehe It's somewhere in Guadalupe. :)


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