18 December 2012

Gingham Way

 SM Kid's Department Gingham Polo | Detail bydetails Oxblood Pants | Leaveland Pink Pumps | SM GTW belt |Sunnies (old)

Another work wear outfit for you guys on today's post. I've realized that I can only wear heels for an hour these days. haha Being an Interior Designer and Visual Merchandising Head I keep on running around our showroom to find ways on how to showcase our areas properly and try implementing them in our other branches. So I ALWAYS wear flats when doing that. But just for my outfit post today I decided to put on some heels. hehe

Everyone thinks Interior Design is a glamorous job but it's not. I can never wear shorts or skirts when doing work and my daily uniform calls for pants and a polo. And the less accessories the better. So here I am trying to comply. I try to make things less busy so whenever I wear a printed top I always match it with solid colored pants just to tame it down.

Our deadlines are getting pretty close and I'm kinda excited and scared on how things will turn out. Stay tuned! :)


Don't forget to drop by our booth at the IT PARK BAZAAR here in Cebu. Everything that I am selling is P300.00 below (except shoes and bags)! Yep, Just marked everything down. Hope you guys give my clothes a new home! 

Hope you guys can visit. Booth opens by 4pm onward! Find the PINK FLAG.
We're at the Steal Corner!


  1. im in love with your oxblood pants!

  2. I love the colour of your pants! The pumps look great with them! I don't think I could wear heels for very long to be honest haha!

  3. Those shoes are hot!


  4. You rock that outfit! I wonder how it would look with black heels? Just a suggestion, I could be wrong. : )

  5. Loving the outfit esp the pants so nice :)


  6. I love this outfit especially the pants !



  7. Gorgeous look. That dress is so pretty on you!

  8. THIS. Thiiis is the outfit I am looking for, for review classes. Inlove-with-jeans-please-sell :))

    Its always fun to see your creativity come out when you need to "comply" :))

    1. People at your review class dress up? haha I'm sure you can pull off a look like this. Got my pumps from leavland :) What size are your feet? Selling my color blocked heels if you like.. :)

    2. No, but my crush is in the same class. hahaha. By comply I meant you.
      These or which one? Something not too high for LRT hahaha. size 4-5 (too small for most size 5's!), 21-22.5 cm. You have something?:D


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