16 March 2013

My Kind

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My, my, my! A head to toe attire in black with very minimal accessories! A great departure from my usual quirky style. I've been noticing that I've taken a different route when it comes to personal styling. 

I've always envied girls who could pull off looking fashionable effortlessly. Until now I think I have to improve on that aspect of styling but I do hope I'm somewhere near the finish line, or at least past mid way! haha

Being an Interior Designer, structure is always important to me and so are cuts and proportions. I think they're very valuable when it comes to dressing yourself.

 Sometimes it's the folds and line details that allows clothing to have movement even when they're still. And the tiniest difference in the placement of belts or hem lines does great wonders.

Agree? :)
Hoping I keep this minimalist dressing up! 

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Some of my fave pieces that I'm ready to let go. teehee
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