05 March 2013


WAGW Bejeweled Sweatshirt | Veva DeeLuxe Sparkled Shorts 
Dad's Vintage Rolex Watch | Janilyn Black Pumps

Sweatshirts are pretty awesome pieces when traveling. Wore mine during my recent trip to Thailand. Was I comfy during my plane ride home.

Was fortunate enough to spot this bedazzled WAGW piece while I was shopping at their CDO branch last month. When I had it in my arms I could not let go. haha Was drawn to the cashier like a zombie!

Matched it with another sparkly item that one of my sponsors, Veva DeeLuxe ,  sent over! I've been wearing these shorts non stop ever since I got them. They make ordinary tops look a bit edgy because of the sparkle.

 Ho-hum! It's bright and sunny and I'm in a sweatshirt. How do I solve this bipolar styling of mine? haha


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Some of my fave pieces that I'm ready to let go. teehee
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  1. Fall in love with your outfit!!!!
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  2. "I've been wearing these shorts non stop ever since I got them."

    I don't blame you. You look gorgeous in them!
    That last shot of you is mesmerizing. So beautiful . . .


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