22 April 2013

India On My Mind

Binkydoodles Printed Vest | Forever 21 Intimate | Topshop Bondage Skirt | Rusty Lopez Pumps

The minute I got this printed vest from the mail the first word that came into mind was India. Color, print, texture is spot on. I've never been to India since I'm not much of a traveler to begin with. I hate being submerged into change without any prior notice or at least a proper adjusting period but based on my past post I've been trying to fix that side of my life. haha

Back to clothes..
I really wanted to keep the vest as the focal point of my look so I decided to tone everything down with black and added a touch of plum through my pumps.

I never get to wear these kind of outfits to work so I try my best to play around on weekends. 
What do your weekend outfits look like? :)



Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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