28 April 2013

Sweet Surprise

 I've been in and out of Cebu lately. Visiting some of our branches is pretty depressing sometimes as we always end up with a pile of pending work when we get back. What greeted me at home yesterday was a whole different story! 

Looking at the pile of packages on my table made me a happy girl! And made me forget about all the to do lists that is yet to be checked! haha

You've probably seen this yummy yellow blazer which Sheinside sent me from my instagram account (@gillianuang).

Chaley of Cesa suprised me by sending me an advanced birthday gift! Red was certainly the theme of this package. Excited to hit the pool with this one.

Been draw to white heels for a while now so I was happy to see my Gold Dot pairs when I got home! Loving their minimalist designs lately.

This native clutch / sling bag from Elizabeth Sanchez came right on time!

I really can't wait to get some beach time soon.

I love my sponsors! Thank you again guys. Outfit posts soon. :)

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  1. white shoes, sparked me most :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa


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