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14 May 2013


Detail bydetails Plaid Polo | Old Denim Pants | Braids & Bonds Necklace
 Janilyn Black Pumps | For Me Clutch

Basing from my title, you've probably created a thousand and  one cowboy jokes before this post even started. Well, that's what I got in a little get together with relatives a few days back. You know, everyone asking where my horse is or if I've already cleaned up the barn. haha If I really did let them go on they'd probably buy me a cowboy hat just for laughs. My family is crazy. 

Besides the western feel of my oh so talked about polo you've got to admit that this one's a classic! I love that even though I'm in simple denims I still looked put together with my work ready outfit. Minimal style really goes a long way.  That's why I just wore this gold necklace from Braids & Bonds and I was done! 

Brought along this envelope clutch which was a birthday gift! They're just really an easy way to make your looks more dramatic.

I've been going for day to night looks lately. My mornings are filled with my busy checklists and interior plans while my nights usually end up of me going out to grab a meal and a few drinks. I see a horrible habit that's about to happen. I must really bring myself back to some yoga classes soon. Any suggestions Cebu? :)



  1. love the clutch!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Rosa :) Been trying out a lot of new things. hehe

  3. The title is perfect for the outfit. So pretty :)

    Miss Cielo

  4. I love this outfit - the clutch is beautiful, and the rest is just so streamlined and classic!

  5. Gorgeous xx

  6. too sexy for words . . .


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