18 June 2013


Laced Top from Metro | @eyecandyolshop Chevron Printed Shorts | Accessorize Necklace 
Gold Dot Wedges | Cesa PH Clutch Bag

I've been getting very much inspired by all the Chevron prints I've been researching for work lately.  Not only is it found in Fashion but they're abundantly all around the Interior scene as well. These prints are too cute to pass. You have to agree with me that they certainly are scene stealers!

Coincidentally @eyecandyolshop from instagram sent me shorts in these prints! The Interior Designer in me  did a little happy dance inside. 

Been itching to create walls like these for far too long already! I really think they show off an urban yet elegant vibe into a space depending on what color combination is being picked out. 

Since painting a wall would take too much of my time I opted to wear these shorts instead. Rather than going  for a white tee I added some texture through my laced top.

And added a contrast of black from my clutch to help bring out the other colors.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making this. I realized that I initially started this blog to talk about the similarities between Interior and Fashion. I almost lost site of that until today. Will try my best to get back on track. :)


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*photos without watermarks are grabbed from various sites*


  1. Love your interior photos, Yan! Have you seen the furniture by Vito Selma at Gusto? The ones with chevron print on the cushions? It made my heart skip a slight beat too when I saw it made here in the factory :))

    1. Oh! He did that? I was there last weekend. Really nice! My fave were the lights and ceiling design. There's really something with Chevron. haha

  2. WOW! Cool my dear! Great photos!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna:)


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