14 June 2013

Walking with Lace

iAanywear Laced Top | Old Flared Jeans | Celine Heels | For Me Envelope Clutch
 Necklace birthday gift from Cousins | Gold Casio Watch

The joys of flared pants. I've always seen Rachel Zoe rock these pieces so well! She's got that 70's vibe down pat. Time to revive these vintage babies from my closet. Although I've been wearing them a lot to work lately but I never really had the chance to take photos.

Well, not until I received this laced top from the mail which iAnywear sent me. When I saw how perfectly well they looked together I made it a point to take photos that day despite the bipolar weather. That's what I call dedication! haha

As for accessories, I went with a long pendant necklace which was a big trend a few years back. Thank God my cousins gave me this since I threw all my old ones way. Wishing I hadn't though, I think this ensemble would look way better if I had 3 necklaces that varied in lengths. Don't you think?

Stacked a few bracelets on one hand and went for my gold Casio watch on the other and I was done.

What other fashion trends do you think I should revive? :)


Till June 18,2013!


Thanks for commenting you guys! Will answer as soon as I can if there are any questions. <3

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