06 July 2013

Seeing Spots

SM GTW Polka Top | ZLZ  Black Pants  | Forever21 Necklace 
 Detail bydetails White Cardigan | Rusty Lopez Pumps

Who would have thought I would end up joining trivia night? I usually lay low with these kinda things since I'm not much of a social butterfly. That night was different I guess, a few people persuaded me to join.

Wore this to keep up with the fun theme. There's something quite youth like with dots,they remind me so much of so many childhood parties!

Much like interiors, they always inject a fun-loving vibe which is never really a bad thing. Both in people and in spaces. :)

Grounded this  look with these awesome leather paneled pants, which ZLZ sent me. Thought it neede something solid. 

That's a nice trick to infuse into your area too. When you're too afraid with color pick out a neutral combination such us black our white so that it doesn't overpower the space. Plus you get to punch in other colors through your accents.

So many ways to incorporate spots into Fashion & Interior. Hope a few of my tips helped! :)

*Photos without watermarks were grabbed from various sites. *


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