16 October 2013

Golden Light

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Let me start this post by talking about what happened to Cebu yesterday.
If you haven't heard, the Philippines was struck by a massive earthquake. Bohol and Cebu, which is where I'm from, got it pretty hard and was heavily affected.  I recall I woke up to my room's ceiling light shaking so hard that the frame fell. As I was running down the stairs and outside our house I was greeted by the visible sway of a large condo building that was under construction meters away from our home. Thankfully nothing serious happened around our vicinity but basing from the news other structures around Cebu had some major damages. Thankfully only a few were hurt, but it does not change the fact that we're all on our toes today. A little sway here and there got most of us paranoid even resulting to going home early from work. Thinking about what's happening to Cebu is making me pretty upset. So I thought I'd be dedicating this post today to add some "golden light" to everyone's mood.

My gold shorts from Cesa PH was the perfect statement piece. I think the color gold reminds us that there's always a brighter side to things.

When matched with white it just seems to have a lighter effect compared to it paired with black which gives out a more somber aura like my previous post.

A little bit of glimmer from accent jars lightens up the area in an instant. Blame it on the perfect contrast from white or that shiny effect from the gold.

Whatever it is when it comes to interior spaces playings around with white and golden touches always makes a room lighter.   So if you've been feeling down,like me, try adding some golden pieces to your home

For the mean time I hope we can all pray for everyone's safety!


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