22 October 2013

Grey Area

Forever 21 Knitted Top | Van Vogue Manila Sheer White Pencil Skirt | Zalora PH heels | H&M Snakeskin Sling Bag & Gold Statement Necklace

As I've been growing older I've come to love my basics more and more. I recall that I've always been drawn to trendy frilly pieces back then , but now I'd like to think my taste in fashion has somewhat filtered all the unnecessary factors and finally concentrated on what's important, personal style. I remember my looks to be much brighter when I was younger and I was never afraid to delve in the different colors under the spectrum . I used to shun simplicity and gave a really cold shoulder to neutral tones. Times have changed and here I am looking for it everyday.

My love for anything short has been slowly dying and I've come to love longer hemlines now. Especially in skirts.  Jo Beth of Van Vogue Manila custom makes these pieces and sent me this gorgeous sheer skirt that's both sexy and classy!

Grey and white accents were the perfect pieces to blend that day. Casual sophistication is what I was going for. 

Like interiors, I think this combination exudes simplicity. It always makes interiors look very clean and put together.

I noticed that despite it's lack of "color" I think it shows off the area better compared to any other pair. They allow the viewer to concentrate more on the space and what it can bring.

Similar to clothing. Don't let the clothes wear you. It's always important to keep yourself as the focal point and not the other way around. Don't you think? :)

Ending my post tonight by reminding you guys about Van Vogue Manila's Pre-Holiday Sale.
40% off on all their 2012 collections. 
Grab your Van Vogue pieces now since there are only a few stocks left! (All stocks are limited)


*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*

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  1. awesome blog :)

    we finally released the 3rd issue of our online magazine called 'dreams'.
    make sure to check it out and get inspired :) we can't wait to share it with you, so go ahead to www.offcolor.de x

  2. Beautiful outfit, I adore it from head to toe! The skirt is pure genius!

  3. amazing look!


  4. Don't let the clothes wear you. It's always important to keep yourself as the focal point and not the other way around.
    - - -

  5. True that. I love stocking up on basics, too. I really love this look, Gillian. Minimalist and sexy!

    1. Salamat Chyrel! Yeyy! Always nice to hear your comments <3

  6. I feel exactly the same way!
    I find myself choosing timeless basics over girly, trendy pieces that I used to wear all the time.
    Love how you styled them here :)

  7. Amazing blog full of so much colour and love!


  8. Beautiful look! You are gorgeous!



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