13 December 2013


Aloha! A hot day during December? Only in the Philippines! While most countries are busy taking out their thick sweaters and fur coats here in my city, Cebu, the temperature's still A-okay for visiting beaches or resorts. The perks of living in a tropical country is that there's always room for shorts. 

Someone got me this hat as a gift. Giving me the reason that I'll be needing a wide hat to keep me safe from the sun. As if the 60+ SPF I lathered wasn't enough. He was right by the way, it was blazing hot that day. Perfect for strolling around Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu and  eyeing spots for future blog posts. *wink*

It matched my shorts so I decided that contrasting it with my white Binkydoodles turtleneck top was perfect. I guess the only fall thing about this look is the color. That's how I try to incorporate fall trends into my wardrobe, just key parts and adjusting it to fit our humid lifestyle.

Similar to ninteriors this shade of red ,known as oxblood, creates a strong impact to simple spaces. The tones in this color catches your attention in a subtle way.

For me though, since it's a really rich color I always like to place them at spaces that are muted and plain and let the tones do the talking. Oxblood against white or grey spaces creates a very dramatic pop!

But when it's styled the right way it goes well with prints and textures too, especially when mixed with the right elements.

What other ways can you suggest on how to apply fall trends in a tropical country? 
Suggestions anyone? :)

Topshop PH Floppy Hat | Binkydoodles  White Turtleneck Crop Top w/ low back | Forever21 High Waisted Shorts 

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*photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites*


  1. No oxen were harmed during the making of this (gorgeous) photo-shoot.

  2. So gorgeous. Love the vintage inspiration. Wish it was that warm here instead of having snow on the ground!


    1. We all want we can't have. I'm wishing it's a bit colder here right now. teehee

  3. Ah I love oxblood color!
    And you looked prettier with this simple style and the colors combined <3

    Love, Ina x


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