22 December 2013

Roof For Relief

Christmas is definitely fast approaching and it's all about giving back and sharing our blessings this season. In the spirit of Christmas lets not forget that Yolanda affected not only Tacloban and Ormoc but also our brothers and sisters in Northern Cebu. Areas like Medellin and Daan Bantayan also got devastated by the typhoon. Around 95% of the infrastructure in that area was destroyed and most of the homes are uninhabitable.

Enter, Roof for Relief. A joint project by Gawad Kalinga, LH Foundation Inc.  and the Islands Group to help make these affected areas once again livable by providing quality roofing materials to 5000 homes who cannot afford to rebuild.

After Yolanda my friends and I decided to donate to this effort. It is a great opportunity to help because it focuses not only on the immediate needs of the community but also on the future habitability of the Northern Cebu. It also concentrates on something that many of us have ignored which is the shelter of the people there and not just food and clothing which of course we still need to help them out with.

Glad to have been part of this.
Let's all share the light of Christmas!  

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