07 February 2014

Hello Leather

I've been going on and on about the value of simplicity in dressing. And I can't stress enough that whenever this kind of styling is involved playing with texture and material is always important. I'm sure long time readers have noticed how my personal style has evolved. From a very frilly and colorful kind into my very own translation of "mature". I try to keep a balance between the feminine and masculine side of things and I hope I did it well in this look today. 

My top from Style To Go Cebu (IG: @style2gois certainly the sexy piece in my outfit. I appreciate how the cuts give any girl a flattering shape. Not only that but it really helped make the look easy on the eyes.

Much like interiors white has some kind of magic charm in spaces. Whenever they have too much colorful items around , white instantly calms the space down without being too obvious.

Next is my leather skirt which I adore to pieces. Since this material is pretty difficult to use I chose to let it stand alone especially with the texture this material possesses. 

There's really something with  leather. It oozes with edge and sophistication all rolled into one.

 There you go! To more looks like this. :)

Style To Go Cebu White Long Sleeved Top | Topshop Black Leather Skirt 
Vintage Seiko Watch| Schu Heels

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