17 February 2014

Neutral Tempo

Taking a break means letting go of my usual pants & long sleeved combos and going for my preferred feminine pieces. This lace skirt from Style To Go Cebu (IG: @style2go) was the right girly piece to fit my mood!  I wanted to go for something light and easy so this had all the checks I was looking for.

I added a leather touch with my Forever 21 PH shoes & vintage belt to break the light colored theme going on. I Kept it under neutral grounds though. Nothing too contrasting for my relaxed look.

As for interiors a similar effect with my outfit would be playing with light colored pieces. It creates that same feeling you get on a Sunday morning covered underneath layers and layers of sheets while the sunlight hits your room just the right way. Waking up and tiptoeing about your textured neutral carpet and seeing your comfy yet beautiful mess that is your bed. That's how I see neutral colors. No matter how much you put on there's something wonderful about it, a tip you can never go wrong with. 

Topshop White Halter Top | Style To Go Cebu Lace Skirt | Vintage Belt | Forever 21 PH Brown Sandals 

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