23 February 2014

Orange 35

Wondering about my title?  What I really want to talk about today is that perfect orange shade that is the iconic Hermes box. When I got this skirt from Cebuano Designer Yves Camingue that was what was flashing through my mind most of the day. It is in that shade that is famously known as Orange 35.

I added this blazer from Forever21 PH (IG: @f21philippines) to add some prints and a darker shade just to tone down the orange hue and these simple necklaces to keep things from going too bare. 

Back to boxes. If you've got yourself getting a hold of this famous Hermes Orange 35 box then you can always show it off at home. You can place them on top of tables or drawers to hold extra storage. Covered boxes are a good idea since they lessen clutter. 

You may stack them up to cover up bare walls in your home like this one or you may also use it as a side table(photo above).

Forever21 PH Printed Cropped Blazer & Gold Necklaces | Mango White Shirt | Yves Camingue Skirt| Zalora PH Heels 

I don't know about you but I'm starting to like Orange. 

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*Photos with no watermarks were grabbed from various sites.*

-Special thanks to my friend Michille Sevesses for taking my photos that day <3-


  1. The skirt is such a lovely color and the necklace is beautiful!

  2. wonderful outfit, love the blazer . . .

  3. Awesome outfit and super cool pics!!
    Very great job :)


  4. Love that skirt on you! And those sandals are beautiful as well! <3



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  5. Nice sandals.. Looks lovely with your feet... Hope you can grant my wish (i Sent an email)


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