13 March 2014

Fringed Benefits

Finally back in Cebu! My traveling schedule this month is crazy. Last week we traveled to 6 different places in that span. It was very tiring in my part since I'm down with the cough and colds right now and just to add a cherry on top , I lost my voice in the process. Half of the time I sound like a man and the other half I'm whispering. The things I do to get things done. haha

Despite the draining week I was happy to be greeted with a few gifts from my sponsors while I was away (as seen in my instagram : @gillianuang). 

This basic lilac tank top & crystal pendant necklace was both from Forever21 Ph (IG: @f21ph).

But what's really holding this look together is this Cesa PH (IG: @cesaph) fringed cover up! It's a big trend this coming summer so I hope you guys stock up. 

Whenever a fringed detail is involved it requires a lot of proper styling in my opinion. I like the fact that with the right amount and the right colors they have an ultra chic way when transforming our homes. Uses as a curtain they add height to small spaces and for the little details they create texture to simple materials.

An easy way is using them as runners. Table or bed runners are not a problem.  They easily fill up empty spaces to prevent making areas look too bare.

Forever21 PH  Lilac Tank Top , Triangle & Crystal Necklace , Brown Leather Sandals | Cesa PH Fringed Cover Up | Blind Clothing Laced Daisy Dukes

More fringed pieces please!

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  1. Loving this fringed kimono! Your outfit goes perfectly with these rooms ;)
    xo TJ


  2. I love your kimono. The colors look beautiful together!



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